Dot-free COB strip lights

Flexible LED strip light, equipped with seamless COB LEDs, creating an uniform light band without any visible LED dots (dot-free), self-adhesive, single color (warmwhite, neutralwhite, coolwhite), as bi-color strip with adjustable color temperature from approx. 2700 K to 6500 K or as RGB. Easy and fast cutting without soldering (available only for single color strips)

Light   Brightness  
COB LED strip 10 W/m Dot-free 1100 lm/m Details
COB LED strip 14 W/m Dot-free 1560 lm/m Details
Bi-Color COB LED strip 14 W/m, CCT adjustable Dot-free, Bi-Color 1560 lm/m Details
RGB COB LED strip 14 W/m RGB 1560 lm/m Details

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Dot-free COB strips
Adjustable color temperature
Solderless connecting
Bi-color led strips

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