LED Controllers

Controllers for single- and multiple-color (RGB) LED strips and lights: WiFi controllers with extensive setting options via smartphone app (incl. freely programmable color changes), RGB controllers with remote, and also particularly inexpensive and small mini controllers

LED Controller (RGB / Dimmer / CCT) RGB, Dimming, CCT Details
RGB Remote (for LED Controller) RGB Details
Dimmer Remote (for LED Controller) Dimming Details
CCT Remote (for LED Controller) CCT adjust. Details
LED WiFi Controller (RGB / Dimmer) WiFi, RGB, Dimming Details
LED Mini Dimmer Mini Dimmer Details
LED Mini RGB Controller Mini RGB Details
LED Mini RGB Amplifier RGB Amplifier Details
Controller for addressable LED strips Magic strip controller Details
Bluetooth Controller for addressable LED strips Magic strip / Bluetooth Details
RGB LED Controller with remote RGB Details
LED Dimmer with remote Dimming Details

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